Games Portfolio


Micro-Economics: Managing your business in a monopolistic competitive scenario could be tough!


Macro-Economics: Central Bankers and Financial Ministers dilemma - Growth, Inflation or Unemployment!


Management of Banks: Taking care of all those rates, isn’t going to be easy!


DCF & Real Options: Which projects will make you money and which won’t, is the question!


Portfolio Management: Are you diversified enough to navigate a business cycle?


Derivatives: A trader makes a lot of money. See if you have it in you!


M & A: Acquiring a company is easy. You just require plain mathematics and lots of money!


Financial Accounting: Balance the sheets and watch the cash flow!


Working Capital Management: To be able to pay all your suppliers on time, is the key!


Relationship Management: Knowing and understanding the client are two different things!


Customer Multi Attributes: Understand the customer, sell Cat as a Lion!


Customer Segments: I can sell tap water for ₹10. I can sell the same tap water for ₹100 too!


FMCG Distributor Life: King Kong and Bing Bong of Supply Chain is only me!


Product Focus: Difference between sustainability and failure is thinking!


Research: Why path should I take? I do not care where I end up!


Sales & Distribution: Stocking, Margins, Incentives, MOQ ... MBA is only jargon!


Capacity Planning: It is simple, just select lowest-cost location and use last year demand for capacity decision!


Project Management: Project? Isnt it just another piece of work which needs completion!


Risk Pooling: Operations is easy. Lets see!


Supply Chain: Bullwhip Effect? How can it exist today? Just-in-Time is the name of the game!


Prejudices: Humans are easy to understand if we know their background!


Negotiations: Its my way or the highway!


Leadership: You just need to put your feet on the table and whip others to work for you!


Organization Structure: I am the consultant and I will tell you the right way!


Conglomerate: Diversify to mitigate competitive risks or scale up to achieve synergy?


Consulting Game: To launch a new product line or not is the question!


Corporate Game: Decision co-ordination between various departments is always difficult!


ITeS Strategy: Tired of Manufacturing-based simulations, try this!


Basic Entrepreneurial Finance: Frightened of Finance and associated jargon, try this!